IntelliMatch – Deporting Data

Deporting Data

Deporting is the direct opposite of importing and it is the imported items that are being removed.  Deporting is useful if you accidentally import the same file twice, or during testing you can import and deport the same file many times.  When you deport items you specify the import job that the items were imported under.  You can choose to deport all the items that were imported during the import job or by using groups you can carry out a partial deport.

To deport items:

  1. Launch Recollector.
  2. From the Data menu, select Deport Items.
  3. Click Source to display a list of all imported jobs.
  4. Select the import job to be deported, then click OK.
  5. Click Groups to specify which group of items to partially deport.  You can choose to deport all items imported for a selected company, balance pool, account and common or private groups.
  6. Click Options.
  7. Select the required options, then click OK to return to the Deport Helper.
  8. Select from the following options:

Deport Now

Select to deport immediately.


Select to schedule automatic deport for a specific time in the future.


Select to perform a test deport.